Sunday, August 10, 2008

One, alas estranged

Why the hate, why the wars, why all this rage?
people living estranged, confined in their fleshy cage
one soul wont lift a finger to aid one in hurt
one government sends missiles, another's terrain burnt
one sits in luxury, exalted in clouds, feasting like a sheik
one barely feeds his family, living week to week
and still one has even less and lives in perpetual want
the shame in his children's eyes, in his sleep haunts

why do we live in such a state of despair?
I'm afraid we've forsaken God, and now no one cares
if we came from apes, and live only to endure
why would i give a damn about who i injure?
but what if our chief virtue is not simply to survive,
regardless of whom we have to slay?
and staying alive meant equal parts in a divine play
in which our chief virtue was to imitate and like become
the Son of God, the King, the One

love we are to mimic, true love and not fluff
"you are in need? here, have some of my stuff"
"you have invaded this country, and have provoked our state,
we forgive you, and we vow not retaliate"
"you are broken by life, disease and despair?
let me cut my day short, and your need repair?"
regardless whether you like living among others,
we are, by creation, universally brothers
and your hopes and dreams and sorrow and pain
affect us all, and their burden i claim

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Michelle said...

Hey Pat! I didn't know you had a blog!!! That's great!

Yeah, the Lord opened the door for me to move up here to Boyce. I'm so excited to be up here!

So what are you up to? Have you graduated yet?