Saturday, August 9, 2008

Outside the walls

fawn after these ephemeral moments if you will
but i tell you, you were made for much greater things
prize and scrape for the scraps this world discards
but ive tasted bread, the sweetest of breads
and it will not leave you wanting
fight and war for that yellow poison,
those shiny pernicious bobbles you have to have
but there is treasure, in yonder field,
come and i will show you where to dig
sit inside your cozy corners, and build your babling towers
we all go outside the walls, where paradox dwells
for there, reproachment brings vindication
there, scorn brings accolades
there, the lowly become exalted
and the poor feast like kings
there we find death, momentary death
and then the city we've longed to claim

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